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Health Law and Ethics Research Group

Welcome to the Health Law & Ethics Research Interest Group

We aim to engage in topical health law and ethics research and teaching from a uniquely South African perspective, and to impact on the South African, African, and global health law and ethics landscape.

On an undergraduate level, we present Bioethics as an elective to LLB students. On a postgraduate level, we offer a research LLM, and coursework LLM in Medical Law, and a research PhD. Our undergraduate course in Bioethics is typically taken by about 100 students every year. Our main areas of interest are
  • Reproductive law & ethics
  • Children’s rights – research, reproduction
  • New technologies & health care
  • Big data, genomics, and health law
  • End-of-life


Postdoctoral Researchers

Associated members

Professor Yousuf Vawda.
Professor Yousuf Vawda

Senior Research Associate

Professor David McQuoid-Mason
Professor Jerome Singh

Doctoral fellows

You are welcome to email any one of our Research Group members directly, or email the Research Group Leader, Professor Donrich Thaldar at

We are always eager to explore possibilities for collaboration, or potential postgraduate projects.

Here is a list of 15 of our most recent 2020 publications: