Colloquium Series on African Philosophy, Genetics and Genomics​

The University of KwaZulu-Natal’s School of Law is proud to present the first-ever Colloquium Series on African Philosophy, Genetics and Genomics, in collaboration with the International Association for Bioethics’ Bioethics and Genetics Network.


The purpose of this colloquium series is to shine a spotlight on the relatively unexplored area of African philosophy and its relevance to contemporary bioethical issues, particularly in the areas of research and clinical application of genetic technologies. The colloquium series will bring together scholars from around the world to discuss various themes relating to genetics and genomics in Africa. In each colloquium, attendees will have an opportunity to engage with cutting-edge scholarship that has a focus on promoting African ideas about ethics and technology, and decolonizing bioethical discourse.

The series will consist of six virtual colloquiums (held via Zoom), each 2 hours in duration, and every second month beginning in September of 2020. Each colloquium will focus on a separate theme within the broader umbrella of “African Philosophy, Genetics and Genomics”. Precise dates and times will be communicated well in advance of each colloquium. Attendance is free – however, attendees must register in advance.


Researchers in the fields of law, ethics or science are invited to attend as well to submit scholarship to present during the colloquium. The titles of the colloquiums are as follows:
  1. The emergence of an African bioethics?
  2. Direct-to-consumer genetic testing
  3. Heritable genome editing
  4. Modes of consent to participation in research
  5. International research collaboration and benefit sharing
  6. Preimplantation sex selection
The University of KwaZulu-Natal’s School of Law, and the IAB Bioethics and Genetics Network, call on African scholars, and scholars doing research in or on Africa, to present their work on each of these burgeoning thematic areas.


Each researcher who presents at the conference will be given 15 minutes to speak about their work. Visual aids (such as PowerPoints presentations) are recommended. After their presentations, attendees of the colloquium will be given the opportunity to comment. If you would like to present you are required to submit a 500-word abstract. Presentations may pertain to any issue within the broad umbrella of “African Philosophy, Genetics and Genomics”, however, they must be relevant to the theme of the colloquium the applicant wants to present in. The organizers will communicate to the applicants whether their submissions have been successful at least 2 weeks before the conference. If you have any enquiries about the colloquium series, kindly email Professor Donrich Thaldar at:

The emergence of an African bioethics?

Here is a link to Professor Effa’s presentation notes, and here is a link to suggested reading on the topic of the emergence of an African bioethics. Here is a link to an article by Dr Ike Iyioke.

Human heritable genome editing

Direct-to-consumer genetic testing