Ms Aliki Edgcumbe

Ms Aliki Edgcumbe
Howard College
Howard College Building, Suite B, Room 114.


Aliki is a lecturer in the School of Law and is a member of the DS-I Africa Law group which explores the legal dimensions of using data science for health discovery and innovation in Africa.  

Aliki is concerned for the rights of children and vulnerable groups. Her LLM dissertation focused on the case of AB v Minister of Social Development, and specifically on the genetic link requirement needed for valid surrogate motherhood agreements in South Africa. She was awarded the Yunus Mahomed Public Interest Award in 2023 for her article “Is the Writing on the Wall for the Genetic Link Requirement in Surrogacy Agreements?” which dealt with this same case.  

Her current research interests revolve around data protection laws and how they apply to the health research context.  

Academic qualifications

  • LLB (UKZN) 
  • LLM (UKZN) 

Research Interests

  • Data protection 
  • Bioethics 
  • Children’s rights 


Edgcumbe, A. (2023). Is the Writing on the Wall for the Genetic Link Requirement in Surrogacy Agreements?. Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal, 26, (Published on 3 March 2023) pp 1 – 26 Awards 2023 Yunus Mahomed Public Interest Award Unpublished Back to the future: in light of present-day research, would AB v Minister of Social Development have been decided differently? (unpublished LLM thesis, UKZN 2021)