Dominique Manias
Dominique Manias


Dominique Manias is a Clinical Psychologist from Durban, South Africa. She obtained her Master’sdegree in Clinical Psychology from the University of the Free State in Bloemfontein. She has a passion for helping people heal their wounds from the past and embrace their fullest potential. She is a psychologist and a mother at heart, who is married with four sons. She has her own private practice in Umhlanga at Sunningdale Medical Centre, where she treats a variety of clinical pathologies and other stressors. She is also the resident psychologist for the KZN Fertility Clinic. She does exclusive executive coaching based on Hologenetic profiling and presents various psychotherapeutic workshops. She has published her own booked called “Switch Your Light On”, which is a catalyst for change, self-development and empowerment. She has a keen interest in multidisciplinary approach and is currently doing her a psycho-legal PhD in the field of infertility. 

Academic Qualifications

 Dominique Manias did her undergrad in B.Sc and completed her B.Psych. She then did her Master’s in Clinical Psychology.

Professional Qualification

She has had her own private practice for over 15 years. She consults in her own practice but has also done in-patient treatment at 2 psychiatric hospitals in Durban, namely Akeso and Mondia for many years. She was the resident psychologist for the Natal Fertility Clinic and currently still consults for Vitalab. She is currently the psychologist as part of the multidisciplinary Mental Health team for the prestigious Pencil Club in Umhlanga.

Research Interests

Her current research interest is in the infertility field and specifically merging a psychological and legal perspective to encourage patient care and reform.