Professor Warren Freedman

Telephone: +27 33 260 6261
Campus: Pietermaritzburg
Building & Room: Law Building – Room 13, 1st Floor


Warren Freedman is an Associate Professor at the University of KwaZulu-Natal under the School of Law at Pietermaritzburg Campus, where he lectures in Constitutional Law, Property Law and Land Use and Planning Law. He obtained a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) and Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree from the University of the Witwatersrand, a Masters in Law (LLM) from the University of Natal and an Advanced Postgraduate Certificate in High Education also from the University of Natal.

Warren is interested in the legal principles governing the coastal zone and especially access to the coastal zone. His other research interests include Land Reform, Neighbour Law, Ownership, Religious Freedom, the Separation of Powers and the Structures of Government and he has published extensively in these fields.

Academic Qualifications:

  • B Com (Wits)
  • LLB (Wits)
  • LLM (Natal)
  • Advanced Postgraduate Certificate in High Education (Natal)

LLB Modules Currently Teaching:

  • Constitutional Law
  • Property Law

LLM Modules Currently Teaching:

  • Land Use and Planning Law in the LLM in Environmental Law

Other Appointments:

  • Assessor in the Pietermaritzburg High Court (2000)
  • Researcher in the Land Claims Court (2001)
  • Constitutional law advisor to the KwaZulu-Natal Legislature (2005)
  • Local government advisor to the KwaZulu-Natal Local Government Department (2006)
  • Advisory committee member: SALRC – Project 25 Legislation Administered by the Department of Rural Affairs and Land Reform (2008)


  • Distinguished Teachers Award: Certificate of Excellence (2003)

Research Interests:

  • Coastal Zone Management Law
  • Land Reform
  • Neighbour Law
  • Ownership
  • Religious Freedom
  • Separation of Powers
  • Structures of Government


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