Professor Tammy JA Cohen

 Professor Tammy JA Cohen  

Professor Tammy Cohen is an Associate-Professor in the field of Labour Law, Advanced Labour Law and Employment Discrimination Law at the School of Law. She holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree, a Bachelor of Laws (LLB), a Masters of Laws (LLM) degree from the University of Natal and a PhD from University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN). Professor Cohen is an admitted Attorney of the High Court, South Africa and a member of the South African Society on Labour Law (SASLAW). She is an organiser of the Annual Labour Law Conference. 

Appointment Designation: 

Honorary Research Fellows

Academic Qualifications: 

BA, LLB, LLM (Natal), PhD (UKZN)

Professional Qualifications: 

Attorney of the High Court of South Africa

Research Interests:

  • Labour Law
  •  Dispute Resolution 
  •  Employment Discrimination 

Recent Publications:


  • Labour Relations Law (2015) (Lexis Nexis) Du Toit et al 
  • Labour Law through the Cases (Du Toit et al) (2003- present) LexisNexis. Trade Unions and the Law (2009) co-authored with Prof A Rycroft and Ms B Whitcher.
  • Labour Law in context (2016 2nd edition) Van der Walt, Le Roux (eds) (Pearsons) 
  • Re-inventing Labour Law Le Roux and Rycroft (eds) Chapter entitled’ The relational contract of employment’ 2012 (Juta) 
  • Laws Against Strikes 2015 (Hepple, Sciarra and Le Roux eds) (Franco Angeli – Italy)


  • ‘The Efficacy of International Standards in Countering Gender Inequality in the Workplace’ (2012) 33 ILJ 19
  • ‘The relational Contract of employment’ 2012 Acta Juridica 84
  • ‘Achieving “Decent Work” In South Africa?’ 2012 Potchefstroom Electronic Journal (Co-authored with Luendree Moodley)
  • ‘Debunking The Legal Fiction – Djokwe v De Kock and Others’ (2012) 33 ILJ 
  • ‘Relational contract of Employment’ 2012 Acta Juridica (2012) 84 
  • ‘Precautionary Suspensions in the Public Sector: Member Of The Executive Council For Education, North West Provincial Government V Gradwell (2012) 33 ILJ 2033 (LAC)’ (2013) 34 ILJ 1706.
  • ‘Discretionary Benefits Disputes’ (2014) 35 ILJ 79
  • ‘The effect of the Labour Relations Amendment Bill 2012 on Non-Standard Employment Relationships’ (2014) 35 ILJ 2607
  • ‘Limiting Organisational Rights of Minority Unions: POPCRU v Ledwaba’ 2014 PER 17(5) 2209 
  • ‘Public Servants’ right to strike in Lesotho, Botswana and South Africa’ 2014 PER 17(4) 1636 
  • ‘Setting the record straight on Procedurally Unfair Large-Scale 
  • ‘ Leave for working father in the SADC region’ (co-authored with Lisa Dancaster) (2015) 36 ILJ 2474. 
  • ‘Understanding limitations to the right to strike in essential and public services in the SADC region’ (co-authored with Prof R le Roux) 2016 PER/PELJ (2).

Recent Conference papers


  • Paper presented at 28th Annual Labour Law Conference entitled ‘Trade Union Liability’ (Sandton)
  • Paper presented at International Conference of Labour Law Research Network on Strike Law in South Africa. (Amsterdam)
  • Paper presented at 24th Annual Labour Law Conference entitled ‘Automatic termination with a focus on recent desertion and labour broking cases.’ (Sandton)
  • Paper presented at international conference entitled ‘Interaction between international, regional and national labour law and social security’ entitled ‘ Equality of opportunity and treatment of women in the workplace’.(Stellenbosch)


  • Paper presented at 23rd Annual Labour Law Conference entitled ‘Challenging the employer’s discretion with a case study on performance appraisal’ (Sandton)

Professor Tammy Cohen another list of publications 


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