UKZN Law Professor has busy time in Jamaica and Botswana

Professor David McQuoid-Mason of UKZN’s Centre for Socio-Legal Studies (third from right) with delegates at a conference in the West Indies.

UKZN’s Professor David McQuoid-Mason had a busy June this year presenting papers at a variety of symposiums in the Caribbean and another at a conference in Botswana.

In Jamaica, McQuoid-Mason delivered papers  on (1) Legal Ethics and Access to Justice, at the Second Annual Symposium on Law, Governance and Society in Montego Bay hosted by the Faculty of Law at the University of the West Indies; (2) on Street Law in South Africa and Beyond, at the Second Street Law Caribbean Institution Launch at University of the West Indies; and (3) on Indicators and Impact Measuring Tools for Human Rights and Democracy Education Activities at High Schools and the General Public – An Early but Relevant South African Survey at the Regional Ed O’Brien Memorial Conference hosted by Street Law Caribbean in Kingston.

He also presented a paper on behalf of Commissioner Mohammed Ameermia of the South African Human Rights Commission on: “Advancing the Economic Rights Agenda – Emerging Trends and Lessons from South Africa”, which he had to tailor to the needs of the Jamaican legal profession at Street Law Caribbean and the General Legal Council’s Continuing Legal Professional Development Committee’s Tribute to Judge Roy Anderson.

In Botswana, McQuoid-Mason spoke on: “Ethics in Clinical Practice”, at the Health Ethics Seminar Program on Upholding Healthcare Ethics in Modern Society in Gaberones, Botswana.

The paper dealt with bioethical principles, human rights, professional negligence and other forms of medical malpractice and then involved participants in discussions on several practical clinical scenarios.


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