LLM in Constitutional Litigation

Thank-you for your interest in applying for a Masters in Constitutional Theory, Law and Litigation.  This letter contains important information about the application process.  Please complete all the application steps.

If you are applying for Full Research Masters

  • A full research Masters comprises one year full time study (or two years part time study) during which you will complete a thesis of 50 000 words under the supervision of a constitutional law expert.
  • Before you apply you must have a workable topic and a draft concept note. Your concept note must begin by explaining why you believe that you have the academic ability to conduct full research of this kind, outside the structure provided by a coursework masters. Proof of your ability to conduct full research could include a proven research track record; a very good academic average during your LLB (at least 65% or above); professional/work experience in the area you intend to research, etc. It is recommended that you contact a potential supervisor to approve your topic before applying. Further queries can be directed to Prof Stephen Peté.
  • Applications are accepted throughout the academic year.
  • Full research Masters students qualify for one year fee remission.

If you are applying for Coursework Masters

  • A coursework Masters comprises 4 coursework modules plus a Mini-Thesis. Each of the following coursework modules is compulsory: History and Philosophy of Constitutionalism; Advanced Constitutional Law; The Politics of Law; and Research Methodology. Together, these four coursework modules count 50% towards your LLM degree. In addition to the four coursework modules, you will complete a 20 000 word Mini-Thesis, which counts 50% towards your degree.
  • You can register full time (over 1-2 years) or part-time (over 2-3 years). Given the demands of the program the majority of students are unable to complete in the minimum time (1 year full time; 2 years part time) and require an additional period of between six months and a year to complete. For example, a full time student wanting to complete the degree in one year, would have to complete History and Philosophy of Constitutionalism + Advanced Constitutional Law + Research Methodology in Semester 1, followed by The Politics of Law + the  Mini-Thesis during Semester 2. Most full time students find this too onerous. Some opt to give themselves an extra semester (six months) to complete the mini-thesis, but even that requires considerable effort. Others – sensibly – opt from the beginning to do their LLM degree over two years, taking three coursework modules during year 1 (Semester One = History & Philosophy of Constitutionalism + Advanced Constitutional Law; Semester Two = The Politics of Law), followed by the Research Methodology Module and mini-thesis during year 2 (Semester One = RMM + preparing for the thesis; Semester Two = completing the thesis). 
  • Applications windows are advertised on the School of Law website. Applications will open in June and close 31st October. Late applications may be accepted with our discretion, and you are encouraged to contact us to ascertain space on the program.               
  • Coursework Masters students do not qualify for fee remission.

Application Steps

  • Ensure you have made an online application here. Attach all required documents.
  • Email the PG administrator (Ms Mshengu for research OR Ms Louw for coursework). Attach all required documents. To process your application, we require:
    • Confirmation you have applied online
    • Your academic transcript (uploaded online). Please email a copy of your LLB final transcript (degree complete) as soon as it is available.
    • A one-page personal motivation explaining why Constitutional Theory, Law and Litigation is your first choice and why you believe you have the academic ability to conduct study in this field at the postgraduate level.
    • Your curriculum vitae
    • A concept Note (only full research)
    • Proof of application fee – this is because a lot of the time students use an incorrect reference for the deposit and it is sitting at “AP” (fee outstanding) – instead of being credited to their student number.
  • The post-graduate administrator will “process” your application and send it to the program co-ordinator for review. It is vitally important that you attach all the required documentation when applying online.
  • Full research Masters applications will be considered by the Post-Graduate research masters selection committee.
  • If your application is successful you will receive an invitation to register from the PG administrator.

Contact Details

program co-ordinator
Prof Stephen Peté

full Research Masters
Ms Gina Mshengu

Ms Robynne Louw

Post-graduate administrator for thesis examination
Mr Pradeep Ramsewak

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