LLM in Child Care and Protection

Thank you for your interest in applying for an LLM in Child Care and Protection or a MPhil in Child Care and Protection (Interdisciplinary).  This letter contains important information about the application process.  Please complete all the application steps.  

Child Care and Protection – LLM-CP / MPH-CP

This programme is interdisciplinary in nature. Students enrolled for the LLM and MPhil programmes learn together in an integrated fashion. MPhil students include teachers, social workers, police officers, etc. Student-led presentations and assignments contribute to the diverse nature of topics and interests represented in the course. Expert facilitation with professionals from diverse fields guarantees current and evolving issues in children’s rights and family law are covered in the programme.
  • This programme is offered part-time (over 2 years). Students may register full-time (over 1 year) in exceptional circumstances. Students are required to submit a motivation as well as a plan as to how he or she will complete 4 coursework modules as well as the mini-dissertation in a period of 1 year.  This application will then be considered by the programme co-ordinators.  Students may only register full-time after permission has been granted.  Registration is therefore part-time unless permission for full-time registration is obtained.
  • A coursework Masters comprises of 4 compulsory coursework modules. In addition, you will complete a 15 000-word mini-thesis.
  • You will need to register for the following modules:


ModuleSemester / YearDescription
Research MethodologyFirst semester (Year 1)This module is an Interdisciplinary offering and differs from the RMM course offered for other coursework masters programmes. You will learn doctrinal (legal) and social science research methodology skills.
Children’s Rights: Local and International PerspectivesSecond semester (Year 1)The module focuses on regional and international law such as the United Nations’ Convention on the Rights of the Child and the African Union’s African Charter on the Rights and Welfare of the Child.
Child Care Policy and LegislationSecond semester (year 1)This is a second semester module that is mostly guest professional facilitated. Guest professionals include probation officers, prosecuting authority experts, family advocate’s office representatives, etc.
DissertationFirst semester (Year 2)

  • Lectures may be held either in block sessions or individual seminars. These may occur during or after working hours.
  • Acceptance into the programme is limited and is dependent on enrolment targets.
  • Applications windows are advertised on the School of Law website. Applications will open in June and close on end October. Late applications may be accepted with our discretion, and you are encouraged to contact us to ascertain space on the program.
  • Coursework Masters students do not qualify for fee remission.

Eligibility for LLM in Child Care and Protection

  • An LLB or a BProc degree with the basic entrance requirement being a minimum overall average of 55%.

Eligibility for Mphil in Child Care and Protection (Interdisciplinary)

  • An LLB or an equivalent degree (e.g. Bachelor of Social Science (honours), Bachelor of Education, etc.) with the basic entrance requirement being a minimum overall average of 55%.

Lecturers generally involved in the programme

  • Ms Rowena Bernard; Dr Brigitte Clarke; Dr Caroline Goodier; Dr Willene Holness; Dr Annette Singh; Prof Ann Strode
  • International experts such as Dr Meda Couzens (University of Sydney); and staff from the Social Work department.

Application Steps

  • Step one make an online application and attach all required documents Apply Now
  • To process your application, we require the following documents
    1. Academic Transcript (and a SAQA certificate if your qualification is not from a South African institution)
    2. Matric Certificate
    3. ID
    4. Passport if you are a foreign student
    5. A personal motivation explaining why you wish to do Child Protection Law
    6. Curriculum vitae.
    7. A recent example of your writing. E.g. a research assignment, essay or report from your undergraduate degree
    8. Proof of payment of the application fee
    9. NOTE: ITEMS 5, 6 and 7 must be attached to the “Self Help Applic docs” tab in the online application
  • The post-graduate administrator will “process” your application and send it to the programme co-ordinator for review. It is vitally important that you attach all the required documentation when applying online.
  • Full research Masters applications will be considered by the Post-Graduate research masters selection committee.
  • If your application is successful you will receive a letter of acceptance with documents that you need to complete and return from the PG administrator.

Contact Details

program co-ordinator (First semester only)
Ms Rowena Bernard
Email: bernardr@ukzn.ac.za

program co-ordinator (Second semester only)
Dr Willene Holness
Email: holnessw@ukzn.ac.za

Post-graduate administrator for full Research Masters
Ms Gina Mshengu
Email: MshenguG@ukzn.ac.za

Post-graduate administrator Coursework Masters
Ms Robynne Louw
Email: LouwR@ukzn.ac.za

Post-graduate administrator for thesis examination
Mr Pradeep Ramsewak
Email: ramsewakp@ukzn.ac.za

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