LLB for Durban Metro Policewoman

While her rank as Senior Constable at the Durban Metropolitan Police Services is rooted in law enforcement, LLB graduate Ms Arifa Soobrathi’s nine years worth of experience in the field highlighted the need for her to understand the inner workings of the legal system to serve her community more professionally and efficiently.

‘My legal qualification is based on the application of the law and the two go hand in hand – much like my ammunition and my firearm,’ said Soobrathi. ‘The LLB has provided me with vast knowledge and great insight in the field, enabling me to ensure that at all times my duties are executed well within the confines of the law. I hope my qualification opens doors for me in the area of career growth.’

Soobrathi began studying full-time in 2008 but dropped out because of personal circumstances and joined Metro police in 2010, resuming her studies part-time. While balancing 12-hour work shifts with attending classes and studying was demanding it was worth it in the end.

‘I was motivated to do an LLB by my parents and I have been interested in law from an early age,’ said Soobrathi. ‘My parents were both civil servants and as a teenager, I watched as they maintained our home and family, working full-time and studying part-time to complete their LLB qualifications.

‘Attending their Graduation ceremony filled me with such pride that I knew one day it would be me up there on stage getting my degree.

‘I would like to take this opportunity to extend my heartfelt thanks to the eThekwini Municipality as well as the Durban Metro Police for all their support over the past few years,’ said Soobrathi, who now plans to enrol for the School of Law’s practical legal training programme and serve her articles of clerkship.

‘The eThekwini Municipality has developed an outstanding programme for Law graduates and I am excited to be on it.

‘Long-term, my focus is on admission as an attorney. I am determined to use the skills and knowledge acquired from my LLB qualification within the Municipality and hopefully grow as an individual and legal practitioner,’ added Soobrathi.

Words: Thandiwe Jumo
Photograph: Abhi Indrarajan

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