Law Students Pledge Allegiance to their Profession

‘Our mission as a Law School is to produce graduates with the skills, knowledge and values needed to perform successfully in the profession and become leaders and visionaries in broader society.’

These were the words of Dr Vishal Surbun who opened proceedings at UKZN’s 2019 Pledge Ceremony involving 250 students who were formally inducted into the Law School. Students took an oath to conduct themselves with decorum, to respect fellow students and staff and to act with integrity.

Keynote speaker, Consumer Law specialist Professor Tanya Woker, encouraged students to make their mark and work hard in order to become change-making professionals and to uphold the values set out in the Constitution.

‘I challenge you to read about and emulate the many great and successful law professionals who preceded you in this school, such as UKZN’S Chancellor, the Chief Justice of South Africa Mogoeng Mogoeng,’ said Woker. The oath taking was presided over by the Dean and Head of the School of Law, Professor Managay Reddi, with students signing the pledge to place on record their commitment to the profession after which they each received a copy of the South African Constitution.

Surbun said receiving a copy of the Constitution was a symbolic gesture to encourage students to fulfill their mission to teach Law as well as to become earnest and diligent students of the law.

Student Ms Lerato Pule said it had been an eye-opening and inspirational event. ‘Having made a solemn vow to uphold the core values of the constitution as well as those of the legal profession is an indication that the journey begins now and not after graduation or upon admission as an attorney.

‘Going forward I will soldier on through the degree and legal career being mindful of the pledge I’ve made and honour it,’ said Pule.

Word: Lungile Ngubelanga
Photograph: Albert Hirasen

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