Hardworking Law Student Awarded 50th Anniversary Scholarship

Hard work, determination and a good support system are the recipe for 50th Anniversary Scholarship recipient, Ms Davidzo Elizabeth Dhumbura’s success.

The third-year Law student’s achievements include being awarded an undergraduate scholarship for maintaining an average of over 80% with the normal full-year subject load, and receiving the Harry Pitman Award for Best Constitutional Law Student of 2018 as well as several Dean’s commendations and certificates of merit.

‘I was not the brightest student in high school but through hard work, determination and prayer, I managed to pass with flying colors,’ said Dhumbura.

She added that she not only had to adjust to transitioning from high school to university, but also faced the challenge of leaving her home in Zimbabwe to study in South Africa.

‘One of the main obstacles I faced was reconciling myself with the fact that I was moving to a different country far away from family, friends and the place I called home. Obtaining my study visa was also a costly and nerve-wrecking experience. Nothing prepares you for the emotional rollercoaster that comes with moving to a different country. I managed to find a good support system that helped me to flourish. Being awarded this scholarship is such an honour because I am surrounded by brilliant colleagues and to be picked from a pool of people of such caliber is mind-blowing,’ said Dhumbura.

Looking to the future, Dhumbura hopes to pursue a master’s degree and explore the opportunities that her qualifications will unlock.

‘My dad is an attorney and he inspired me to choose the legal profession that has intrigued me since I was a kid. I am passionate about human rights law, particularly issues dealing with transitional justice and internal armed conflict. I am also interested in environmental law and how it provides a unique opportunity to mitigate the effects of climate change. I would want to do a Masters of Law degree focusing on one of these areas,’ she said.

Words: Thandiwe Jumo
Photographs: supplied

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