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Human Rights Dialogue and UKZN Law Clinic 50thAnniversary Celebration


19 March 2024


Howard College Theatre,
Howard College Campus, UKZN



In commemoration of the 30th anniversary of democracy in South Africa, this legal dialogue seeks to delve into the crucial question of whether the nation’s executive has judiciously harnessed its resources to champion and ensure socio-economic justice for its populace. This event primarily aims to cultivate a forum for meaningful discourse, incisive contemplation, and synergistic endeavours among academics, legal practitioners, human rights activists, university students, and the broader community. By engaging with these thematic underpinnings, participants are poised to contribute to shaping the trajectory of human rights and socio-economic progress in South Africa for succeeding generations. The Dialogue will be followed by a celebration of the 50th Anniversary Celebration of UKZN’s Law Clinic. For half a century UKZN’s Law Clinic at Howard College Campus has championed the cause of human rights through providing free access to legal services and offering support to vulnerable communities and training law students via clinical legal education.