Cum Laude Master’s Degree for Advocate of the High Court

Mr Jonathan Renou
Admitted Attorney, Mr Jonathan Renou graduated with his LLM in Labour Studies cum laude.

Despite the heavy responsibilities attached to his job as an Admitted Advocate of the High Court, Mr Jonathan Renou graduated cum laude with a Master of Laws degree in Labour Studies. This now marks the third degree which he has passed cum laude.

Renou, also a member of the Society of Advocates of KwaZulu-Natal, said that undertaking master’s studies while maintaining a full-time practice was a challenging yet rewarding endeavour.

When asked what motivated him to pursue postgraduate studies, Renou said: ‘Due to the everyday application of the field, there is a great body of work on the subject. Labour Law is an ever-developing topic. You can study and practice it for years and still feel you are constantly learning.’

The LLM programme not only equipped him with theoretical expertise but also featured lectures that effectively addressed practical challenges encountered in the field.

‘The LLM Labour Studies course is fantastic,’ he said. ‘In my view, the real value of any course is its ability to teach you principles that go beyond those found in the prescribed textbooks or leading cases. Being taught by lecturers who themselves have had to practically deal with the caveats, nuances and “grey” areas one comes across in the field is invaluable.’

The unwavering support Renou received from his family eased his journey toward the attainment of his postgraduate qualification. ‘Anyone currently undertaking or thinking about undertaking postgraduate studies must realise just how crucial a stable support system is to their ultimate success. This is especially true when working full-time and sacrificing family time becomes necessary. I would not have achieved this qualification without the unwavering support of my beautiful wife and family.’

His achievements not only serve as a testament to the importance of ongoing learning in this constantly evolving field but also demonstrate that determination usually yields fruitful results.

Words: Samukelisiwe Cele

Photograph: Sethu Dlamini

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