Cum Laude for Bachelor of Laws Graduate

‘I was motivated to pursue a qualification in Law after I started debating in high school. I initially took up debating because I was extremely shy and wanted to learn to be more confident, but then I fell in love with researching different topics and constructing arguments, as well as listening to other people speak on issues.’

So said Ms Ntandokazi Nozipho Shazi who received her Bachelor of Laws degree cum laude.

‘There were a lot of challenges. I am an introvert and struggled to make friends. I spent most of my time in the Law library with my head buried in my books.

‘I think an LLB is a worthwhile qualification because it opens doors to a wide variety of careers and opportunities. It gives students invaluable knowledge about the world, which many people do not get the opportunity to learn about,’ she added.

Shazi says her mother has been the driving force behind her success. ‘She is ecstatic. It makes me so happy to see how proud she is. I didn’t know it would mean so much to her, I think she would have been super happy for me to just complete my degree so the cum laude is definitely the cherry on top. I am grateful to my entire family, they have always been so supportive.’

Her short-term plan is to obtain a masters, something she has wanted to do since her second year when she was inspired by her senior and mentor who is currently serving her articles.

Words: Thandi Jumo
Photograph: Abhi Indrarajan

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