Professor Willene Holness

Professor Willene Holness
Associate Professor and Academic Leader: Business Law
Howard College
Howard College Building, Suite E, Room 137


Professor Holness is a children’s and disability rights scholar, and formerly litigated with a legal NGO (law clinic) on social justice matters. She read for a Doctorate of Law with the University of Pretoria on access to justice for mothers with intellectual disabilities under the supervision of Prof Charles Ngwena. She teaches Constitutional Law, Gender and the Law and Access to Justice in the LLB programme; and in the LLM and Mphil programme on Child Care and Protection, an interdisciplinary programme; as well as the LLM Constitutional Litigation programme.

Academic qualifications

  • BA, LLB (Rhodes University)
  • LLM (UKZN) cum laude
  • LLD (UP)

Professional qualification

  • Admitted attorney of the High Court of South Africa

Research Interests

  • Access to Justice,
  • Children’s Rights, and
  • Critical Disability Studies.

Membership of Professional & Other Organisations

  • Board member (director) of the Community Law and Rural Development Centre, a paralegal organisation in KwaZulu-Natal.


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