Mr Khulekani Zondi

Mr Khulekani Zondi
Mr Khulekani Zondi
Law Building – 2nd  Floor 12


Mr Khulekani Zondi holds a law degree (LLB –UKZN) and commerce degree in maritime studies (MCOM –UKZN). He is appointed as a lecturer in the school of law UKZN PMB campus. He is further appointed in the school of law as a language liaison officer facilitating the introduction of bilingual tutorials for first year modules and the creation of a bilingual glossary of legal terms. He represents the College of Law and Management in the University language Board (ULB). He is currently in pursuit of a PHD degree in customary law evaluating the constitutionality of customs precluding children born out of wedlock as legible heirs in succession battles of African Chieftainship.

He has research interest ranging from language and the law in tertiary institutions in particular in legal education. His research interest further extends to maritime maters, including the law of salvage, carriage of goods by sea and other incidents of navigation. He has aspirations of publishing intensively in maritime related matters, customary law and language and the law related matters. He has presented papers in the annual teaching and learning conference held in the UKZN, investigating the extent of the obligation of tertiary institutions, to offer education in ones language of choice or mother tongue. He also presented a paper in Glasgow Scotland at Caledion University 2015 evaluating the compatibility of graduates taught in African languages in the global arena. In 2018 published a bilingual glossary on legal terms. The first of its kind in the history of the School of law, facilitating bilingual learning as a constitutional imperative for parity of all official languages as found in s6 of the Constitution. In 2019 he acted as a peer reviewer for AFFRIKA Journal of Politics, Economics and Society. Engaged in the review of articles submitted by various authors for publication. In 2019 acted as a consultant for IZwelethu Community in Msingaphansi under the instruction of Mbele Dube & Partners and ADV P Blomkamp. I was tasked to provide legal opinion on the succession battle in light of the relevant statute, customs and COGTA regulations.

Academic qualifications

  • LLB
  • MCom (Maritime Studies)

Research Interests

  • Maritime Law, African Customary Law,
  • Doctoral education focusing on African customary law development.


  • K Zondi “A Glossary of Law Terms” English -isiZulu. 2018.