Dr Janine Hicks

Dr Janine Hicks
Senior Lecturer
Howard College
Suite A, Howard College


Dr Janine Hicks is a Senior Lecturer at the School of Law where she serves as convenor for the Navi Pillay Research Interest Group, and Chairperson of UKZN’s Gender-based Violence Committee. She is Coordinator for Street Law and lectures on Master of Laws (LLM) offerings on Constitutional Litigation and on Employment Discrimination Legislation.

Dr Hicks holds a Bachelor of Arts (BA) from the University of Cape Town, a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and a PhD from the University of KwaZulu-Natal, and a Master of Arts (MA) in Development Studies from the University of Sussex, United Kingdom.

Dr Hicks is Project Leader for the South African Law Reform Commission’s Project 143 on Maternity and Paternity Benefits for Self-Employed Workers, and a Council member of the state’s Human Resource Development Council. Her research interests are in transformative constitutionalism, access to justice and equality jurisprudence.

After 15 years’ activism in the non-governmental organisation human rights sector, Hicks served two terms as Commissioner with the Commission for Gender Equality, one of South Africa’s constitutional institutions supporting democracy.

Academic qualifications

  • BA (UCT)
  • LLB (UND)
  • MA (University of Sussex)
  • PhD (UKZN)

Research Interests

  • Transformative constitutionalism,
  • Access to justice,
  • Equality jurisprudence


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