Dr Annette Singh

Dr Annette Singh
Senior Lecturer
Howard College
HC Building – Suite E, 1st Floor


Dr Annie Singh is a senior lecturer in the field of statutory and constitutional interpretation at the School of Law. She holds a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree and a Master of Laws (LLM) from the former University of Durban-Westville (UDW) and a Doctor in Philosophy Degree (PhD) from the University of KwaZulu-Natal (UKZN) for her thesis entitled: The Impact of the Constitution on Transforming the Process of Statutory Interpretation in South Africa. She is involved in the supervision of Masters students’ and has attended a number of conferences – both nationally and internationally and has delivered papers on a host of different areas in law. Dr Singh’s research interests include the rights of vulnerable groups, which include women, children and prisoners and has also published in these areas of law.

Academic qualifications

  • Bachelors of Law Degree (LLB) from the University of Durban-Westville
  • Masters in Law (LLM) from the University of Durban-Westville
  • Doctor in Philosophy Degree (PhD) from the University of KwaZulu-Natal

Professional qualification

  • Is admitted as an Advocate of the High Court of South Africa (in terms of the Admission of Advocates Act, 1964)

Research Interests

Dr Annie Singh specialises in statutory and constitutional interpretation. Her doctoral thesis was based on the area of constitutional interpretation and was entitled ‘The Impact of the Constitution on Transforming the Process of Statutory Interpretation in South Africa’. Not only has the Constitution transformed the process of statutory interpretation in South Africa, but it has also resulted in the emergence of a new jurisprudence. The research undertaken is significant, in that it provides a practical and a sound option in the form of a Deontic Theory which is postulated as the most favourable option to further the aims of social transformation and decolonisation in the current South Africa.

Dr Singh has an interest in researching the rights of vulnerable groups, which include women, children and prisoners and has also published in these areas of law. She is currently involved in the supervision of a number of Master’s and Doctoral students and has been instrumental in assisting students with the publishing of their dissertations. She has attended a number of conferences – both nationally and internationally and has delivered papers on a host of different areas in law.


  • 2022: “Constitutional and Public Health Emergencies: COVID-19 regulations in South Africa and the Constitutional and Human Rights slippery slope”. Obiter, 43 (1) pg 152-166 (Co Author – S Tembo)
  • 2022: “The impact of lockdown co-parenting regulations on the wellbeing of children in South Africa”. (Co Author – N Msuya) (Recently submitted to Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal)
  • 2022: “Much ado about Nothing. Freedom of Assembly in Zimbabwe from DARE v Saunyama to Maintenance of Public Order Act”. (Submitted to PER). (Co Author – S Tembo)
  • 2021: “Prospects for Constitutional and Human Rights Transformation through Constitutional Adjudication in Zimbabwe after 2013”. African Journal of International and Comparative Law Vol 29 No. 3 (383-399) (Co Author – S Tembo)
  • 2019: “Preference for Son: A Principal Form of Gender Discrimination and Violations of Women’s Rights in Tanzania.” (Co-author – NH Msuya)
  • 2019: “Witchcraft accusation and the challenges related thereto: Can South Africa provide a response to this phenomenon experienced in Tanzania?” Obiter Volume 40 issue 3, pp 105-116. https://journals.co.za/content/journal/10520/EJC-1b911b1800 (Co Author – N Msuya)
  • 2018: Article – De Jure Vol No.1 June 2018 edition “The nursing profession in South Africa – Are nurses adequately informed about the law and their legal responsibilities when administering health care? (Co Author – M Mathuray)
  • 2016: Article – To be published in the 2016 edition of PER “Judicial Law-Making: Unlocking the Creative Powers of Judges in terms of Section 39(2) of the Constitution”
  • 2014: Article – Social Work Maatskaplike Werk March Vol 50 No. (99-115) A Review of Legislation Pertaining to Children with particular emphasis on Programmes offered to Children Awaiting Trial at Secure-Care Centres”
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  • 2008: Case Note – De Jure Vol 3 2008 (658 – 663) “Admissibility Evidence – leave to question complainant on past sexual history in terms of section 227 (2) of the Criminal Procedure Act 51 0f 1997”
  • 2006: Article – Journal for Juridical Science August 2006 edition Vol 31 2006 (80 – 100) “The Protection of Prisoner’s Rights to Health Care Services: Is It Adequate?”

Community Engagement

  Dr Annie Singh is an active member in her community. She is currently the Chairperson of the Asherville Ratepayers Association. The purpose of the ARA is to protect the well-being and interests of the residents of Asherville in relation to their local government issues. As an activist in her community, Dr Singh has been involved in various community developmental programmes. Below are some articles reflecting the extent of her involvement in the community:  
  1. Associations elects new executive members In June 2021, Dr Annie Singh was elected as chairperson of Asherville Ratepayers Association. The ARA is an organization that works closely with the residents of Asherville to protect and improve facilities within the community.Source: The Springfield Weekly Gazette – 24 June 2021 – Page 7
  2. Should the community pay for the Municipality’s failure to maintain infrastructure? The decision taken by the Municipality to introduce an infrastructure levy to ensure efficient service delivery faced intense criticism by citizens. Dr Singh provides her view on the levy with consideration of the inconsistent, poor service delivery within her community. Source: The Springfield Weekly Gazette – Street Talk – June 2021
  3. Debt relief tabled to assist ratepayers eThekwini Municipality debt relief plan envisages to assist residential and business ratepayers by providing interest-free payment plans along with a down-payment. The Covid-19 pandemic has resulted in many job losses and a steep decline in our economy. Dr Singh provided her opinion on the debt relief strategy. Source: The Springfield Weekly Gazette – 8 July 2021 – Page 17
  4. Ratepayers’ association honours women In 2021, the ARA recorded its highest ever number of female members. Dr Singh, as an Executive Member and Chairperson of the ARA, continues to empower women in her community. Source: The Springfield Weekly Gazette – 5 August 2021 – Page 15
  5. Ratepayers’ body raises concerns over fibre installations The residents of Asherville express great concern over fibre installation issues. Dr Singh raises awareness of the many challenges faced by residents due to poor workmanship by fibre companies. Source: The Springfield Weekly Gazette – 7 October 2021 – Page 8
  6. Draft rates policy raises alarm bells In January 2022, eThekwini Municipality approved a draft proposal for a policy which intends to regulate the power of the municipality to impose rates in a just and equitable manner. The public was called to give feedback on the proposed Property Rates Policy. Dr Singh, in her capacity as Chairperson of the ARA, provided a comment in the Springfield Weekly Gazette. Source: The Springfield Weekly Gazette – 6 January 2022 – Page
  7. Ratepayers say NO to electricity price hike Eskom’s proposal to increase electricity tariffs to 20.5% came under scrutiny by many Ratepayer associations and residents. Dr Annie Singh, as chairperson of the ARA, considers the decision to increase tariffs whilst highlighting that many communities still suffer from power outages due to poor service delivery by Eskom. Source: The Post – 19 January 2022 – Page 2
  8. Ratepayers object proposed tariff increase In addition to the above article, Dr Singh expressed her dissatisfaction of the proposed electricity tariff increase in light of the fact that there are still power outages and frequent loadshedding. Source: The Springfield Weekly Gazette – 27 January 2022 – Page 5
  9. Residents’ view on rotational schooling Rotational learning has increased in popularity amidst the covid-19 pandemic. It enabled for students to attend school on a rotational basis which, in turn, allowed for some level of physical, social interaction. Dr Singh’s comment in Street Talk considers the impact of rotational learning and online classes on both private and public-school learners, within the parameters of covid-19 measures. Source: The Springfield Weekly Gazette – 3 February 2022 – Page 22
  10. ARA Street Representatives The Asherville Street Representatives project was initiated by the ARA for the purposes of ensuring that each representative would be assigned to a designated street. Each street rep would be responsible for reporting back to the ARA on issues relating to maintenance and infrastructure. Thus, allowing for liaison between the community and ARA to overcome challenges and address concerns from each street in Asherville. Source: The Springfield Weekly Gazette – 24 February 2022 – Page 10
  11. Dr RD Naidoo Drive is a ‘ticking time bomb’, says residents The devastating floods left Dr RD Naidoo Drive unusable with traffic being diverted onto the oncoming lane and no sidewalks for pedestrians. In light of this, the ARA took a stance on the failure of the municipality to heed the requests of its residents with regard to RD Naidoo Road. Dr Annie Singh and Nishal Ramlall raise their concerns with the media. Source: Springfield Weekly Gazette – 19 May 2022 – Page 12

Papers Delivered

  • The following are among the most recently attended conferences at which papers have been delivered. These include the: Internationalization and Globalization Conference in India. Paper delivered on Women in the Workplace – A South African Perspective (July 2016).
Delivered a paper on The Role of the Academic in a Transformed South African Society at the 10th Annual Teaching and Learning Conference (September 2017).

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