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Professor Lienne Steyn

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Professor Lienne Steyn  


Professor Lienne Steyn is a Senior Research Associate. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree (BA) and a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) from the University of Natal, a Master of Laws (LLM) and a from the University of South Africa (UNISA) and a Doctorate (LLD) from the University of Pretoria focusing on statutory protection against forced sale of a debtor’s home. Professor Steyn has lectured on Criminal Law and Roman Law and a variety of business law modules. Before joining academia, she was a state prosecutor and is an admitted Advocate of the High Court, South Africa. Her research interests are in consumer insolvency and human rights and debt. Professor Steyn is a member of the Steering Committee of INSOL International Academics’ Colloquium and has authored a number of articles published in accredited journals, including four in the ISI-accredited International Insolvency Review. She is also the co-author of Hockly’s Insolvency Law casebook and the most recent edition of Mars’ The Law of Insolvency in South Africa.
Appointment Designation:

Senior Research Associate 

Academic Qualifications:
Research Interests:

  • Consumer Insolvency
  •  Human Rights
  • Debt

Professional Qualifications:

  • Admitted Advocate of the High Court, South Africa

Recent Publications:


  • Co-author of Bertelsmann et al Mars The Law of Insolvency in South Africa 9 ed (2008) Juta & Co, Cape Town.
  • Co-author of Sharrock et al Hockly’s Insolvency Law Casebook (1999) Juta & Co, Cape Town.

Chapters in Books:

  • ‘Perspectives on protecting the family home in South African insolvency law’ (co-authored with CM Van Heerden & A Boraine) International Insolvency Law: Challenges and Reforms, P Omar (ed), 2013 Ashgate Publishers, United Kingdom.
  • Chapter I 2 ‘Insolvency Offences’ in Milton JRL and Cowling MG South African Criminal Law and Procedure vol III Statutory Offences 2 ed (1988) loose leaf edition (2005 revision) Juta & Co 1 – 44.
  • ‘Insolvency Law and the Constitution’ in Constitutional Democracy in South Africa 1994 – 2004 M Du Plessis & S Pete (eds) 2004 Lexis Nexis Butterworths 181 – 196.
  • Chapter I 2 ‘Insolvency Offences’ in Milton JRL and Cowling MG South African Criminal Law and Procedure vol III Statutory Offences 2 ed (1988) loose leaf edition (1993 revision) 1 – 45.
  • Chapter Four ‘Criminal Law and Procedure’ in Paralegal Handbook Pilot Edition Centre for Socio-legal Studies (1990).


  • ‘The Pro-Creditor Approach in South African Insolvency Law and the Possible Impact of the Constitution’ (2015) 3 NIBLeJ 59 – 91 (co-authored with Andre Boraine, Roger Evans and Melanie Roestoff).
  • ‘Reinstatement of a Home Mortgage Bond by Paying the Arrears: The Need for Appropriate Legislative Reform’ (2015) 26 (1) Stellenbosch Law Review 132 – 155.
  • ‘Protection against forced sale of a debtor’s home in the Roman context’ (2015) 21(1) Fundamina 119 – 141.
  • ‘Property in insolvent estates – Edkins v Registrar of Deeds; Fourie v Edkins; and Motala v Moller’ (2014) 17(5) Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal. (IBSS accredited) (co-authored with Roger G Evans)
  • ‘The problem of the illiterate signatory’ (2014) 26 (1) South African Mercantile Law Journal 150 (co-authored with RD Sharrock).
  • Treatment of a debtor’s home in insolvency: comparative perspectives and potential developments in South Africa’ 2013 (22) International Insolvency Review 144 – 170.
  • ‘Human rights issues in South African insolvency law’ 2013 International Insolvency Review Special 21st anniversary collection issue 1 – 25.
  • FirstRand Bank Ltd t/a First National Bank v Seyffert and Another and three similar cases 2010 6 SA 429 (GSJ), Seyffert & Seyffert v Firstrand Bank Ltd [2012] ZASCA 81 – Bringing  home the inadequacies of the National Credit Act’ (2012) 45 (3) De Jure 639 – 651.
  • “Sink or swim?  Debt review’s ambivalent ‘lifeline’ —- a second sequel to ‘ … a tale of two judgments’” accepted for publication in 2012 (2) Potchefstroom Electronic Law Journal.
  • ‘Insolvency’ 2009(1) Juta’s Quarterly Review.
  • ‘Rectification and concursus creditorum’ 2008 Obiter 524 – 532.
  • ‘Insolvency’ 2008(4) Juta’s Quarterly Review.
  • ‘Insolvency’ 2008(3) Juta’s Quarterly Review.
  • ‘Insolvency’ 2008(2) Juta’s Quarterly Review.
  • ‘Insolvency’ 2008(1) Juta’s Quarterly Review.
  • “ ‘Safe as houses?’ – balancing a mortgagee’s security interest with a homeowner’s security of tenure” (2007) 11 Law, Democracy and Development 101 – 119.
  • ‘Insolvency’ 2007(4) Juta’s Quarterly Review.
  • ‘Insolvency’ 2007(3) Juta’s Quarterly Review.
  • ‘Insolvency’ 2007(2) Juta’s Quarterly Review.
  • ‘Insolvency’ 2007(1) Juta’s Quarterly Review.
  • ‘Insolvency’ 2006(3) Juta’s Quarterly Review.
  • ‘Insolvency’ 2006(2) Juta’s Quarterly Review.
  • ‘Insolvency’ 2006(1) Juta’s Quarterly Review.
  • ‘Insolvency enquiries and the right against self-incrimination: divergent approaches in South Africa and other jurisdictions’ 2005 CILSA Vol XXXVIII (Part 3): 415 – 435.
  • ‘Fair labour practices in South African insolvency law’ (2004) 121 South African Law Journal (co-authored article with S van Eck and A Boraine) 902 – 925
  • ‘Perfection clauses, summary execution (parate executie) clauses, forfeiture clauses (pacta commissoria) and conditional sales in pledge agreements and notarial bonds – the position clarified’ 2004 Obiter 176.
  • ‘Human Rights Issues in South African Insolvency Law’ (2004) 13 International Insolvency Review 1 – 25.
  • ‘The inclusion of “additional” terms or “standard terms and conditions” in a contract: the significance of the “ticket” cases, caveat subscriptor and the application of the reliance theory.’ 2004 South African Mercantile Law Journal 106 – 112.
  • ‘Interim attachment of goods sold in a credit agreement: more clarity required’ 2004 South African Mercantile Law Journal 77 – 83.
  • ‘Negligent non-disclosure by one contracting party to the other’ (2003) 120 South African Law Journal 465 – 471
  • ‘When a third party “cannot reasonably know” that a spouse’s consent to a contract is lacking’ (2002) 119 South African Law Journal 253 – 260.
  • ‘Treatment of Secured Creditors of an Insolvent Estate: Changing Perspectives in South African Law’ (2002) 11International Insolvency Review 35 – 48
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  • ‘In re Pyke Nott: Reflection on the need for legislative reform’ 1997 South African Mercantile Law Journal 225 – 232.
  • S v Goosen 1989 (4) SA 1013 (A) in (1990) 1 South African Journal of Criminal Justice 104.

Membership of Professional & Other Organisations: 

  • Steering Committee of INSOL International Academics’ Colloquium