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Mr Michael Wood-Bodley

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Campus  Howard College
Building & Room  HC Building – Suite H, 1st Floor
Mr Michael Wood-Bodley


Mr Michael Wood-Bodley is a Senior Lecturer in the fields of Succession and Legal Studies, and formerly lectured Foundations of Law, Introduction to Law and Sale, at the School of Law. He holds a Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) degree, a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) degree, and Master of Laws (LLM) degree cum laude from the University of Natal. Wood-Bodley is an admitted Attorney and Conveyancer of the High Court, South Africa and was formerly a partner at Durban law firm, Goodrickes. His research interests include Succession, Trusts, Sectional Title and Share Block Schemes, and Gay and Lesbian issues in the law. He is a co-author with Juanita Jamneck et al of The Law of Succession in South Africa published by Oxford University Press.

Appointment Designation:
Senior Lecturer

Academic Qualifications:
BComm LLB LLM (cum laude) (Natal)

Professional Qualifications:
Admitted Attorney and Conveyancer of the High Court, South Africa

Research Interests:

  • Succession
  • Gay and Lesbian issues in law



Juanita Jamneck (Ed), Christa Rautenbach (Ed), Mahomed Paleker, Anton Van Der Linde, and Michael Wood-Bodley The Law of Succession in South Africa 2ed (2012).


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  • ‘Abuse of the juristic personality of a close corporation’ (1995) 112 SALJ 9.

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