About Us

Established in the early 1900s, Werksmans Attorneys is a leading South African corporate and commercial law firm serving multinationals, listed companies, financial institutions, entrepreneurs, individuals and government.

Operating in Gauteng and the Western Cape, and a member of the LEX Africa Alliance. The firm has a formidable track record in mergers & acquisitions, banking & finance, and commercial litigation & dispute resolution, we are distinguished by the people, clients and work that we attract and retain.

Our lawyers constitute a powerful team of independent-minded individuals who share a common passion and service ethos. A strong culture of teamwork and collaboration exists across the diverse skills base of our organisation. The people of Werksmans are invigorated, inspired beings.

Our culture is the framework around which we have built our coveted reputation as one of the oldest, most prestigious law firms in Africa. This reputation speaks to the calibre of corporate and commercial lawyers who make up the firm; many of whom are recognised as experts in their fields by their peers both locally and abroad.

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