Law Lecturer Accepted as a Rhodes Oceans Scholar

The Rhodes Oceans Scholars
The Rhodes Oceans Scholars enjoying some downtime on a field trip to the ancient village of Lindos on the island of Rhodes.

Dr Vishal Surbun, senior lecturer in the School of Law was accepted as a Rhodes Ocean Scholar and completed the rigorous 26th annual session of the Rhodes Academy of Oceans Law and Policy. Presented over a period of three weeks in July on the island of Rhodes in Greece, the syllabus focused on the law of the sea, including the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, and contemporary issues such as fisheries and biodiversity, deep seabed mining, the effects of global warming and the rise in sea levels, and delimitation and dispute settlement, amongst others.

The Academy brought together a faculty comprising of judges of the International Tribunal on the Law of the Sea, including Judges Rudiger Wolfrum, Tullio Treves, Albert Hoffmann, Jin-Hyon Paik, Maria Infante and Thomas Heidar. Lectures were presented by doyens of the field such as Professors Bernard Oxman, Myron Nordquist, Anna Petrig, Nilufer Oral, Ronan Long, Clive Schofield and Robert Beckman. In addition to legal specialists, scientists such as Professor Larry Mayer and diplomats, Ambassadors David Balton and Fernanda Millicay delivered detailed lectures and workshops.

In addition to attending the more than 40 lectures and workshops, there was ample opportunity to engage frequently with Faculty.

The Academy culminated in the award of a diploma following comprehensive written and oral examinations, which covered the entire syllabus. Surbun remarked, ‘Taking these examinations enabled me to fill many gaps and reinforced my existing knowledge of the field. The 47 professionals from 38 countries engaged in thought-provoking discussions and numerous study sessions in preparation for group presentations and arguments in the weekly workshops. This cohort represents a sample of professionals across the globe who are playing a role in strengthening the rule of law in our oceans.’ He added that he intends to share what he learnt with his students in Maritime Law.

Words: NdabaOnline

Photograph: Supplied

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