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Interdisciplinary Masters in Childcare & Protection

Programme outcomes

The programme aims to equip candidates with a broad range of interdisciplinary skills and knowledge relating to children’s issues. The intention is to meet a national and international need for professionals with advanced expertise.

Programme modules

  • Research Methodology
  • Children’s Rights: Local and International Perspectives
  • Child Care Policy and Legislation
  • Roles of Professionals in Proceedings Affecting Children

Aside from gaining research skills, during seminars, candidates benefit from discussions on more than
50 important child-related subject areas. The mini-dissertation topic will be individually chosen (with guidance) on a child-related issue based on each candidate’s interest and needs.

Programme teachers

The programme is team-taught by specialists from the School of Law and the School of Social Work. Practitioners from a variety of disciplines are also involved.

Who should apply?

This programme is for professional graduates and practitioners aiming for senior positions. Applicants require a university undergraduate qualification or combined qualifications of a minimum of four years. The programme has in the past attracted students and established practitioners from disciplines such as Education, Social Work and Law. Since much of the programme content is of international relevance, foreign students or persons intending to work overseas after completion are welcome to apply.

Structural support for your LLM

A Centre for Postgraduate Legal Studies has been established on the Howard College Campus to offer a supportive environment in which postgraduate Law students may conduct their research and writing. There is an open-plan study space with fifteen computers, and a discussion room where students may engage in group projects and interact socially (there are coffee and tea-making facilities). The aim is to provide a welcoming environment which promotes serious and relevant legal research, as well as interactive learning.
The Centre is an innovation unique in South African Law Schools.

 Note: The programmes offered are subject to student enrolments.

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