Delight as Brothers Graduate

Dr Bhasela Yalezo and Mr Malizole Yalezo
It was a double celebration for the Yalezo family when brothers, Dr Bhasela Yalezo (left) and Mr Malizole Yalezo both graduated with Law degrees.

Graduation was a family affair for two brothers, Dr Bhasela Yalezo and Mr Malizole Yalezo who graduated with a Bachelor of Laws (LLB) and a Postgraduate Diploma in Industrial Relations respectively.

Bhasela, an academic at the Graduate School of Business and Leadership, is committed to lifelong learning and being a multi-disciplinary academic as he is currently pursuing an LLM in Tax Law. ‘I am very content with this achievement as this is the sixth degree under my belt, however, it’s not the end as I intend to complete my third master’s next year and then pursue my second PhD or a Doctor of Laws,’ he said.

He added that graduating with his brother and students he was supervising was a special moment. ‘Graduating with Malizole and my students, Sindie Mkhize and Fufu Xhanti, as well as my friends was exciting! This qualification has improved my teaching, research and supervision as it has enabled me to facilitate discussions, sessions and classes. The intention is to be able to blend academia and practice for the greater contribution to the South African community and abroad.’

For Malizole, an attorney at the Road Accident Fund, says sharing this moment with his brother, who is also his mentor, is the cherry on top. ‘It is an honour to be graduating with him as he is the one that motivated me to study further and even for my LLB degree. He is so hardworking, family orientated, and passionate about education which is now rubbing off on me and our family.’

Looking to the future, the Yalezo brothers have plans of combining their legal skills. ‘It’s quite exciting and we will certainly be able to partner and assist people and clients in the legal field. We might create a law firm together possible in the near future,’ said Bhasela. ‘Having him around when I open my own firm will be very valuable as he is very knowledgeable, especially on the commercial side,’ added Malizole.

Words: Thandiwe Jumo

Photograph: Itumeleng Masa

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