Mrs Shelley Walker

Mrs Shelley Walker
Director: Centre for Extended Legal Studies
Howard College
E 514 Shepstone Building


Shelley Walker is a former lecturer in the School of Law, where she specialised in Criminal Law. Before that she was in private practice as an advocate at the Durban Bar. She has also worked as a legal advisor and a public prosecutor. She retired from teaching in 2015 and is currently employed as Director of the Centre for Extended Legal Studies, which is the self-funded teaching programmes unit of the School of Law. She is a co-author of the textbook Criminal Law in South Africa, edited by Gerhard Kemp and published by Oxford University Press.

Academic qualifications

  • LLM (UKZN)

Professional qualification

  • Advocate of the High Court of South Africa

Research Interests

  • General Principles of Criminal law – Criminal Capacity;
  • Common Purpose;
  • and Fair Labelling