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Twin Sisters Say Team Work was the Recipe for their Academic Success

April 19, 2017

Twin sisters Kirosha and Kriasha Govender.

An interest in how the rule of law governs South Africa and protects the country’s citizens motivated twins Kirosha and Kriasha Govender to both study for LLB degrees which they have been awarded by UKZN.

‘South Africa’s high crime rate and political happenings made us keen to pursue a legal career and hopefully make a difference in our country. Being born in 1994, after the apartheid era, we now have the chance to make an impact and help change the lives of South Africans for the better,’ said Kriasha.

The sisters, who have shared every educational experience from primary school through high school and now university, say their strong bond is what gets them through the ups and downs of life.

‘We have shared many memories together and even had the opportunity to pursue careers in the same field,’ said Kirosha. ‘Often siblings become jealous and there is competition especially when it comes to twins but we instead focus on helping each other in areas where one is stronger than the other. Therefore there has been hardly any rivalry at university because our marks usually only differ by one or two.’

Looking to the future, the sisters who have also found a common interest in the legal field of risk and compliance, say they are looking forward to exploring their career prospects in that area.

‘This route is unpopular for a person pursuing an LLB degree as graduates usually opt to become candidate attorneys,’ said Kriasha. ‘Throughout our degree we were exposed to various areas of law which was beneficial as it allowed us to expand our knowledge and have open minds. Our LLB degree allows us to enter into risk and compliance and obtain careers in this sector.’

Thandiwe Jumo

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